Fast Growing University Accelerates Project Timeline To Meet Student Needs


Blackney Hayes

Building Owner


Jersey Panel

Products Used

StoPanel® Brick ci, StoPanel® Classic ci with Stolit Lotusan®, StoPanel Backup

General Contractor

Nexus Properties


Glassboro, New Jersey

Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ, was growing rapidly, blossoming in just a few years from a state teachers’ college to a full university with a graduate program and 18,000 students. The university, located in the suburbs of Philadelphia, needed student housing quickly. In a four-year span, the university worked with the city and a private developer, Nexus Properties, to build seven buildings, some as large as 500,000 square feet.

To meet the university’s aggressive time frames and create the highly detailed exterior look officials wanted, Nexus recommended the use of StoPanel prefabricated panels in brick, cast stone and texture. The fact that work could continue over the winter months was another important factor in the decision. StoPanel affiliate Jersey Panel assembled the panels in its prefabrication facility, and a crew of about six installed them at the site, averaging ten panels a day.

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