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COVID-19 Alternative Care Sites

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RESPONSE FOR COVID-19 Alternative Care Sites — Convention Centers & Arenas

Prefabricated Pods Partner (CC2ACS)


Mammoth Prefab stands ready to partner with you as we fight this pandemic.
Prefabricated Healthcare pod

Mammoth Prefab has available capacity to begin prefabrication in support of Alternate Care Sites (ACS) and repurposed spaces for use in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The team can assist in greatly increasing the efficiency and cost control of ACS construction by prefabricating elements such as complete patient Pods, walls, headwalls, corridors, exterior envelope walls, load-bearing walls, ceilings, ramps, custom sheet metal trim, and application of finishes.

We can also coordinate multiple trades within our facility in order to speed the manufacture and deployment of many ACS elements that are:

  • Cleanable
  • Lightweight
  • Modular (Easy Assembly)
  • Mass-produced
  • Fire-rated

We have partnered with our suppliers to provide a prefabricated Build Fast Enclosure System.  This system can adapt to available spaces, reduce on site labor and meet intense construction schedules.  Configurations include complete patient Pods, as well as other required elements in general and acute open space facilities meeting Army Corps of Engineers specifications.

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Contact us at (786) 270-7935 for cost information and an analysis.

Prefabricated healthcare pods