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Prefabrication Allows 6-8 Months of Work Completed in 68 Days at the Hub Story Plus Project

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The Hub Plus is a mixed-use student housing development next to Purdue’s main campus in West Lafayette, IN. The 11-story building features 610 luxury apartments and 13,500 square feet of retail space. The 12th-floor amenities space includes an infinity pool, terraces, grills, and lounge areas.

This video features Mammoth Sto Panel affiliate, Great Lakes Prefab. Their team explains how prefabrication can shorten the duration of construction by up to 80%. 

The entire project was coordinated utilizing building information modeling (BIM) technology. BIM is a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility. It is a shared resource for all parties to utilize during the construction process.

Prefabrication provided unparalleled safety and control through manufacturing panels for The Hub Plus within a controlled environment. No need for scaffolding or competing with other trades and debris lead to a very efficient means of construction. 

Through prefabrication,6-8 months of work was completed in 68 days at the Hub Story Plus Project. Over 540 Sto Panel Classic Ci panels with Sto Creativ Brick and Stolit 1.0 on corrugated and flat surfaces were installed.

Sto Panel and the affiliate network that Mammoth is a part of provides the resources to align with your project, design goals and expedite your building process

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