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Shifting the Mindset from Construction to Manufacturing with Prefabrication

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Innovation through prefabrication leads to the building envelope constructed on the front end of a project in a controlled environment rather than on-site. As demonstrated in this video, by involving a prefabrication partner at the beginning of your project within the design phase, it is possible to get the most value for your budget. 

This video features Mammoth Sto Panel affiliate, Southern Wall Systems. Their team gives perspective on how prefabrication can outpace conventional construction schedules with highly expedited building delivery while ensuring quality. 

The Mammoth team will utilize BIM software upfront and work alongside architects to identify conditions for error and resolve them before the project begins. Unlike within the field, throughout the process of developing prefabricated building enclosures each step of the process is transparent and can be tested through QA/QC. 

Take the full building envelope from studs, sheathing, waterproofing, veneer, EIFS, and openings to completion in a controlled environment. Completed building enclosures are delivered on-site just-in-time. Like their affiliates at Southern Wall Systems, Mammoth Certified Installers are able to outpace conventional construction schedules with highly expedited building delivery.

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