Prefabrication Sets Multifamily & Mixed-Use Project Up for Success Despite Times Square Style Jobsite and COVID Challenges


Pappageorge Haymes Partners

Building Owner

Lipe Property Company


Products Used

Prefabricated Structural Framing Floor Package

General Contractor

Global Builders


Chicago, Illinois

On the corner of N Milwaukee and W Chicago avenues, stands a 97-unit luxury apartment, 21,900 square foot mixed-use retail/commercial/restaurant space, and two story parking garage development. Totaling 97,000 square feet in total, the $33 million development  of 1122 W. Chicago in the River West neighborhood, includes amenities such as a fitness center as well as second and seventh-floor terraces.. 

Project Challenges:

The triangular site bordered by particularly high-traffic intersecting corridors presented an extraordinarily tight laydown area. Lipe Property Company, Global Builders, and Pappageorge Haymes Partners sought out an expert in prefabricated exterior panelization to re-think the construction process and sidestep growing concerns of constructability.

Mammoth Prefab’s pre-engineered non-load bearing panels and prefab load-bearing light gauge framing package addressed not only the limited laydown area, but also mitigated on-site coordination issues brought on by COVID-19, provided trade consolidation, and ensured consistent high quality. 

Prefab Construction Advantages:

Visual Design Flexibility

In designing the mixed-use and housing project’s façade, Chicago-based Pappageorge Haymes integrated large windows with both gray-scale paneling and yellow vertical strips to accentuate the dynamically-patterned exterior. The building’s first two floors included a darker, inset façade to visually distinguish the commercial portion from the residential levels above.

Addressing Limited Laydown Area

Transported by two flat-bed trucks, Mammoth delivered floor-by floor packages of interior load-bearing and exterior envelope panels for flying and installation. A textbook example of improved coordination and efficiency, one trailer arrived as the other completed panel off-loading. Adding to the overall project convenience, Mammoth’s just-in-time delivery process avoided contributing to any additional dumpster waste.

Mitigating Construction Coordination Challenges Due to COVID-19

Consolidating Trades

Onsite delivery of panelized non-load bearing systems that incorporated pre-installed windows at a secondary facility close to the jobsite, allowed for trades to run at a leaner, smaller crew. 

The installation process was quick and simple with a typically six-members team that included: a tower crane operator, two crane loaders on the ground, and two to three individuals receiving the panels on the structure. With this configuration, one floor of the project could be completed in 14 days on average. 

Once completed, the prefab panels allowed subsequent trades, such as carpenters and glazers, to enter the project methodically. Fewer trades on-site at once meant any unnecessary inventories were removed, reduced defects, and less wasted time.

Maintaining Project Timeline

Georgia Pacific DensElement Barrier Systems along with DensDefy Liquid Flashing were integrated into the Mammoth-engineered and constructed exterior envelope systems. Jointly, these two products ensured a water-resistant barrier and air barrier. Once panels were delivered onsite and installed, the exterior finishes were ready for installation. This innovative process allowed for a quicker dry-in, critical to the maintained project schedule, and ahead of Chicago’s winter season. 

Consistent Quality with Mammoth Prefab

Mammoth’s manufacturing processes use highly trained and skilled workers, standardizing efficient practices with project-by-project process customization that create quality load bearing and non-load bearing systems on time. Each team member is trained in advanced, proven processes, utilizing the most modern equipment and tools available. 

For more information on how prefab load bearing structural systems and exterior enclosure panels can benefit your next project, contact Mammoth Prefab.

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